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    Boost Online Sales With Olerti
    Price Drop Alerts
    Get Sale Alerts
    Improve Shopping Experience
    Reduce Shopping Carts Abandonment
    Boost Online Sales
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    Unique Shopping Experience
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    Brings Joy of Shopping
    Price Drop Alerts
    Get Sale Alerts
    Improve Shopping Experience
    Reduce Shopping Carts Abandonment
    Boost Online Sales

Simple & Innovative, Boost Online Sales With Targeted Price Drop Alerts

Olerti is an innovation-driven, client-focused technology company dedicated to advancing the online retailers and consumer relationship.

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Top 4 Reasons Online Shoppers Leave without Paying

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most pervasive problems throughout the e-commerce industry and occurs when a consumer is about to complete a purchase but instead simply leaves the site. It can occur for the following reasons.

The shopper may get to the final page only to discover that they need to pay sales tax or shipping fees on an item that far exceeds the amount that they had intended to spend.
Some shoppers are simply doing the equivalent of window browsing through an online store. They are interested in seeing the final tally but they lack the final push to actually purchase. They may be intending to purchase items at a later date, such as when they get paid, or they may want to look at items in a brick-and-mortar store.
May net savvy consumers today will search for better prices elsewhere after they find a product they want to buy. They know the exact search queries to use and may also search for online coupons and other methods of saving money. Consumers are increasingly price conscious when shopping online because the Internet makes it so easy to comparison shop.
Consumers may experience "sticker shock" once they load up their cart and then see how expensive the items that they added in were. They may not have realized that the items they were adding were that expensive in total.

Olerti - Key Benefits

Increase Shoppers Engagement
Up to 35%
Improve Shopping Experience
Up to 30%
Reduce Shopping Carts Abandonment
Up to 25%
Boost Online Sales
Up to 20%

Industry Solutions

We keep innovating. Recently introduced solution for Airlines and Online Flights Booking Sites


Online Retailers


Want to get consumers hooked on your sales? Let them take the first step by signing up for sale alerts. Later, turn alerts into Sales

Financial Services (Mortgage)


Capture the hesitant buyer with mortgage rate alerts. Leverage our solution for mortgage rates, refinancing rates and increase your mortgage portfolio

Auto Industry


Let consumer tracks used cars price at your dealership and alert (SMS/Email) them whenever you drop the prices. More engagement and more sales



Let your consumers set their own prices through flight price discount alerts. Use the information you gather for research and consumer retargeting.

Product Key Functionalities

Innovative, Latest, Customized Cloud Solution for your Business

3 different ways to engage shoppers with product purchases

Price Drop Alerts

Product Insights



Manage Products


Boost Sales

262 billion
bilion - US Online Retail Sales in 2013
370 billion
billion - US Online Retail Sales Expected to Grow by 2017
% Consumers do research before purchase
% Get motivated by Discount & Promotions

Latest Trend and Research - Understanding Online Shopping Behavior

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